Learn to Bunt Properly... Bunting Wins Games!

The BuntDown Bat is a training device that provides an innovative way to teach baseball and softball players the proper way to bunt.

Although similar in size to a conventional bat, it differs in shape. The hitting surface is half-round from just above the trademark to the end of the bat. This unique shape encourages the batter to keep the bat over the path of the ball which is essential when bunting properly.

When used properly, the BuntDown Bat teaches the Find Us on Facebookbatter to hit the ball down to the ground and not pop it into the air. Repeated use effectively teaches muscle memory and focus, reinforcing the most important elements of bunting.

Jami Lobpries

"As a player, bunting was always an essential part of my game—whether in a sacrifice situation or using the drag bunt to keep the defense honest. When I started coaching youth players, I stressed the importance of developing essential fundamentals in bunting. I used the BuntDown Bat with my 12U Firecrackers team to teach mechanics and proper angles for bunting. I’m a fan of tools that allow players to “feel” the drill. The BuntDown Bat provides players a realistic tool that teaches them good habits and how to control their bat angles. I even used the BuntDown bat myself and felt it also improved my visual tracking—another key component in the art of bunting! I recommend the BuntDown bat as a great training tool with instant feedback."

  Jami Lobpries
Former National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) Player
and youth fastpitch coach
Sue Everden "The bunt down bat is one of the finest technique work tools I have had the opportunity to utilize in my 20 years of coaching softball.  After practicing with the bunt down bat, the coaching staff experienced first-hand how the training with that coaching tool transferred to actual game play in bunting situations.  The bunt down bat allowed the coaching staff to effectively teach the many nuances of the softball short game in ways that were extremely meaningful to the players.  The bunt down bat made the squad better and more confident with their bunting in situations that demand precise execution.  I would highly recommend the bunt down bat as an outstanding teaching and technique tool for softball players of any level."
Sue Everden
Former Amherst College Softball Head Coach
"We have found the Bunt Down Bat to be an effective teaching device in helping our players understand the primary principles of a good bunting technique. I'm not a Coach who promotes "get better gimmicks". The Bunt Down Bat is not a gimmick, but a very useful instrument in helping all hitters improve their bunting skills.  The players have reacted positively during practice sessions, I'm convinced that their efforts will be rewarded when our season gets under way"!!!
— Craig Montvidas
Head Coach Netherlands National Team
"First thing I noticed about using the BuntDown bat was the heightened concentration from the player/bunter. This concentration level increase produced immediate results in the way the player followed the top half of the ball “all” the way to the bat. Any time a coach can get his players to focus in this manner, it is a win-win situation. Great job BuntDown! Look forward to adding another bat for our other teams."
— David Profitt
Girls 12U Assistant Coach, Delaware Magic
"I have been using the BuntDown bat for approx 6 weeks and I'm very pleased with it's effectiveness. The design encourages players to use proper bunting mechanics and heightened concentration as they work to improve their bunting skills. I would recommend this training product to any individual or training facility looking to better their bunting skills."
John Valle
Valle Sports Training Facility (Rochester, NY)
"Our High School program has always been strong believers in high percentage, fundamental softball.  The Buntdown Bat is the perfect tool for developing consistency in our short game.  You can see the confidence in the faces of our players and we’ve changed our focus from trying to get a bunt down to where we want to put the bunt down.  Great tool!"
— Randy Johnson
Head Softball Coach, Caravel Academy (Bear, Delaware)
Coach Mike Stone - UMass "One of the lost arts of baseball is the ability to bunt properly.  In the past, I would use a fungo bat to have my players focus on bunting correctly. But the BuntDown Bat eliminates the need for any other training device. The BuntDown Bat's unique shape demands that players bunt the top half of the ball with the bottom half of the bat, training them proper technique through consistent use. This is a product that can win us games!"
— Mike Stone,
UMass Baseball Coach


Sarah Reeves Discusses the Benefits of Training with the BuntDown Bat
Sarah Reeves is one of the most accomplished players in the history of UMass softball. A 3-time Atlantic 10 All-Conference First-Team selection, she set the 2010 Atlantic-10 Conference Tournament record for home runs (5) and RBIs (10). Yet, even given her prowess as one of the greatest power hitters in UMass softball history, Sarah knows and appreciates the importance of bunting to the game of softball.
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