Q: What is the Buntdown Bat?
A: The Buntdown Bat is similar to a conventional baseball bat, but has been uniquely designed and patented to effectively teach the proper techniques of bunting.

Q: How does the Buntdown Bat work?
A: The bat’s unique design is based on a conventional baseball and softball bat, except for its half rounded hitting surface. This design trains the batter to keep the bat over the path of the ball, which is essential when bunting.

Q: What benefits does it provide?
A: When used properly, the Buntdown Bat trains the batter to bunt the ball toward the ground, and not pop it up in the air. With practice, the Buntdown Bat reinforces the proper bunting technique. Repeated use effectively reinforces the primary rule in bunting, which is to “let the ball come to the bottom of the bat."

Q: Why do you need the Buntdown Bat?

  • For athletes of all ages and skill levels
  • Teaches the batter to hit the ball on the ground, not pop it up into the air
  • Available in adult and youth sizes
  • Made of extremely durable aluminum
  • Made with innovative and scientific specifications